Slide 1 – Introduction

Smart City Enterprise

Smart Innovation Business Network

Slide 2 – Smart City Enteprise

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Slide 3 – Websites Network


Slide 4 – Lanast Co., OOO

Lanast Consulting Group

Executive Management Services

Slide 5 – Executive Management Consulting

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Slide 6 – Smart City Enterprise

Managed Business Development

More Leads – Better Offers – Systematic Sales

Slide 7 – Scope of Work

Slide 8 – Business Leads

Business Leads

The interactive process assists you in building new business connections.

50% faster and 30% cheaper than your own, internal pre-sale process.

Find Customer – Find Distributor – Find Partner

Slide 9 – Product Offer

Product Offer

Have better offer based on wording psychology that catch attention.

25%+ better conversion rate with a product offer’s value-story patterns.

Value Proposition – Use Case Story – Offering Patterns

Slide 10 – Pre-sales


The sequence-based acquisition process grows up your new connections.

75% faster than your own, internal pre-sale process.

Systematic Sequences – Multi-channel Automation

Slide 11 – Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Promote, advertise, e-mail, sms, chat, and call to your targets.

For Companies or for their Products. process.

E-mail Campaigns – Social Networks – Channel Flexible

Slide 12 – Sales

Sales Acceleration

Make sales sequences that force your sales for better performance.

Muliply your online selling channels to sell your product faster.

Sales Management – Business Development

Slide 13 – Let’s talk about you

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