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We offer an exclusive opportunity to advertise on the This is the channel where to buy an advertisement. Advertise on one of the popular Smart City related content globally.

The super-convertible website.

We offer a unique place to promote your project, product, and service on the super-convertible website. We offer many options of advertisement formats. We will maintain your content including the SEO optimization of your content and ADs.

Premium Content

  • Two weeks on homepage
  • Published on all channels
  • from €300 + TAX

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  • One month on homepage
  • Thousands view per month
  • from €1100 + TAX

Post-Page Advertising

  • One month in every post
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  • from €500 + TAX
  • Advertisement price depends on the page and position of the banner on the website.
  • The minimal period of content advertisement is 30 calendar days.

We offer almost all advertisement models including long term back-links strategies for the small websites.


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