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Competition Management


To identify relevant competitors to include in your analysis, start with searches on Google around your product and business. Or you can use our help and our bots will give you ready reports.

As you collect data on this group of competitors, keep it organized within a table or spreadsheet that can be easily shared and updated over time. Within this document, jot down the different criteria you want to compare and contrast.

  • Price range
  • Product offerings
  • Social media engagement
  • Content used for lead generation
  • First time visitor offers
  • Other traits that are worth exploring
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Identify primary/secondary competitors

Starting with your list of competitors, begin your spreadsheet by categorizing each one as a primary, secondary, or tertiary competitor. This will help you better determine how they’ll relate to your business.

We use various tools to manage competition, as well as to control your brand quality. If you are searching the market, doing new acquisitions, or just manage the local market, let us know. We help you to understand your competitors.