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Promotion Strategy

A promotion strategy is defined by the plan and tactics that should be part of your marketing plan. It is one of the steps that you should execute in-line with your sales strategy. Promotion strategy gives you a concrete action plan for these areas:

  1. Where to promote
  2. How to promote
  3. How much it will cost

The usual steps to promote

  • Use Content Marketing To Drive More Traffic
  • Explore Social Media & Email Marketing For Skyrocket Engagement
  • Run Referrals For Building Trust
  • Sponsor Events For Customer Experience
  • Work With Brand Ambassadors To Increase Brand Awareness
  • Use Free Samples, Sales Coupons & Promotions To Boost Sales
  • Adopt Refunds & Rebates Strategies To Guarantee Quality
  • Exploit Fidelity Programs & Patronage Rewards To Increase Customer Loyalty

Push Marketing aka Outbound

The push marketing strategies count most of their techniques on an intermediate, such as retailers, providing them with their product, so that at the end of the day, the retailers will display the product and have it easily accessible for the final targeted consumers.

Pull Marketing aka Inbound

Pull marketing sales strategies are different from push strategies. Their main focus is on brand awareness. Pull sales promotion strategies require a lot of investment, time and of course, money. Creating a cool image about the product or service, thus making people look for it and recall it, without the need of seeing it everywhere and every day. It kind of works like reverse psychology.

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